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About Benton County

The great American lifestyle is alive and well in Benton County, Indiana. Move here and live it!

We have thriving, classic small towns strung out like pearls across the prairie. City parks, festivals, and golf courses provide a wealth of recreation opportunities. Our education system is bolstered with strong schools and libraries. Access to health care is readily available. We enjoy a four-season climate with moderate winters and summers.

Benton County is steeped with rich history

We are known as one of Indiana's top agriculture communities, being known as the home of Dan Patch, Famous World Champion Harness Horse and now being known as the home of Indiana's First Wind Farm.

Benton County has a diverse array of employment and entrepreneur opportunities for our residents

We also offer very affordable housing, hence the reason over 30% of our residents have chosen to live here instead of outside communities where they work (primarily Tippecanoe County, Indiana).


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Make sure you check out our Welcome page for information about living and working in Benton County. From Education / School Corporation information, Business Climate and Opportunities, housing lookup and more!


in Benton County

Ambia, Fowler, Oxford, Otterbein, Boswell, and Earl Park all have clean, shady, pleasant town parks with large and safe play areas for children. Earl Park's Adventure Park is a marvelous playscape featuring castles, ships, barns, swings, slides, speaking tubes, climbing challenges, and more.


in Benton County

Four towns host festivals. Boswell hosts the Boswell Bash, featuring flea markets, pony rides, food vendors, cake walk, parade, music and games.  Earl Park's Fall Festival is a whopper that annually attracts 45,000 people to this town of 348. Learn more about festivals on our Events page!


Benton County is made up of 6 Incorporated Towns and several Unincorporated Places. Benton County's incorporated towns remain vibrant community centers bustling with restaurants, shops, industry, and schools. Each achieves its own unique and charming mixture of past and present. Fowler's impressively restored courthouse is the massive hub around which this busy town spins. Oxford's brick streets and town square are a nicely preserved reminder of a more peaceful era. Otterbein is growing to serve Lafayette commuters. Boswell is a prairie village that modestly considers itself the "Hub of the Universe." Little Earl Park makes up for its size with can-do attitude and a huge fall festival. Ambia residents are proud of their town park.

Unlike many small towns that have been drained of their businesses, local leaders have made reinvestment in their hometowns a priority. Fellure Foods recently added Subway to their grocery store in Otterbein. Boswell's Farmers & Merchants Bank continues to expand its reach. They also have a popular new Mexican restaurant - Agave Azul - as well as a new Dollar Store. Fowler's 100 Mile House is a famous stop on the road from Indianapolis to Chicago.

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Community Resources


From libraries and health care, to businesses and is your portal to everything Benton County has for our most important resource: our citizens.

See our Departments Page for additional community centered departments

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