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Benton County Soil & Water Conservation District Job Posting - Natural Resources Technician


Open Date: 9/16/2020            Initial Application Review: 10/7/20       

Closing Date: until filled


Position Summary

Incumbent will serve as a technician for the Benton County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) and will work closely with the Conservation Director, board of supervisors, and SWCD partners to assist in managing projects and programs that enable the SWCD to implement conservation. The incumbent will perform a broad spectrum of duties and responsibilities to successfully fill this role. This position is funded by a one-year grant that will expire in the fall of 2021. The intention is to secure funding to make this a permanent position, but not guaranteed.


General Description

The natural resources technician will provide quality technical assistance, execute program support functions, and perform educational outreach. Incumbent will be responsible for advising and assisting in technical assistance to Benton County and the Big Pine Creek Watershed farmers and landowners regarding natural resource conservation issues. These conservation issues include, but are not limited to-water quality practices, soil health recommendations, native plants, and a variety of conservation related topics.


Primary Duties

  1. Assist the Natural Resources Conservation District (NRCS) with natural resource program administration.

  2. Utilize NRCS applications to assist in mapping, planning, and completion of conservation documentation.

  3. Build relationships, form partnerships, and assist in field visits with farmers and landowners.

  4. Plan and execute educational events.

  5. Manage multiple web sites and social media platforms.

  6. Collect and record water quality and other relevant data.

  7. Publish newsletters and press releases.

  8. Prepare reports to fulfill grant requirements as needed.

  9. Coordinate calls and walk-in requests for assistance to the appropriate agencies including SWCD, NRCS, and the Farm Service Agency (FSA).

  10. Perform other duties as requested by the Conservation Director and/or board of supervisors.




Preferred Experience

Bachelors degree and/or experience in completing agricultural field work, providing written or verbal conservation recommendations, tracking conservation efforts for reporting. Knowledge of GIS systems including creating maps. An ability to multi-task, prioritize heavy workloads, and adapt to shifting priorities. Creative problem solving and willingness to try new methods. Experience public speaking, developing, and delivering educational lessons on conservation topics. Knowledge in developing written educational materials (newsletter articles, press releases, info/tip sheets, etc.) is a plus. Must have the ability to be a motivated worker unsupervised and work in a team setting. Need to be able to provide public access to or maintain confidentiality of department information/records according to state and federal requirements.


Work Expectations

The incumbent’s workstation will be organized and clean and the incumbent’s appearance and demeanor will be professional and courteous. The incumbent will interact with others in a way that reflects positively on the District and its conservation mission.


Physical Work Requirements

Incumbent performs duties in a standard office environment and outdoors involving sitting, standing, and walking for long periods. Must be able to work in extreme hot or cold temperatures, work near dust, and walk on uneven terrain. Incumbent will also need to be able to drive pickup truck and may be required to pull an enclosed trailer.

Any questions can be directed to or (765) 884-0660 Ext. 3

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