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Job Opening - Full-Time Dispatcher

Dispatcher Duties

• Answer 911 calls for emergency service, evaluate the situation, and determine the appropriate level of response. Operate a complex radio console to dispatch Police, Fire, EMS and other emergency personnel and equipment in accordance with prescribed guidelines.

• Consistently monitor Police, Fire, and EMS radio channels

• Operate the IDACS/NCIC computer system.

• Receive and dispatch restricted computer information.


Be a high school graduate and possess a diploma from an accredited high school or equivalent.

Be of good reputation and character.

Not have been found guilty of any felony charges.

Be of good appearance and personality.

Have a good past work record.

Read all departmental Rules and Regulations carefully and abide by them.

Pass FBI/IDACS criminal history screening.


Casey Keener, Communications Director

Benton County 911 Communications

105 S. Lincoln Ave

Fowler, IN 47944

765-884-0080 opt 2

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