Wind Farms




Benton County Wind Farms
621 Turbines, 1188 Megawatts (MW): Benton County Wind Farms at a Glance 
Project Benton County Wind Farm Fowler Ridge Wind Farm Hoosier Wind Farm Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge
Developer/Owner Orion Energy Group LLC BP Alternative Energy EDF Renewable Energy Pattern Energy
Commercial Operation 2007 2008, Phaes I & III
2009 Phase II
2010 2016
Turbines GE 1.5 MW

Vestas 1.65 MW (182), Clipper 2.5 MW (40)

GE 1.5 MW (phase II)

RePower 2.0 MW Siemens 2.3 MW
Number of Turbines 87 222
133 (phase II))
53 65
Project Capacity 130.5 402 MW
199.5 MW (phase II)
106 MW 150 MW
  Covers 11 square miles of the northwest corner of the county in Richland and York Townships. Duke Energy has purchased the majority of its MW. Electricity goes to a Kentland substation, then to the Chicago market. Dominion Resources, Richmond, Virginia has purchased 600 MW, which will go to Appalachain Electric Co. Vectren has purchased 50 MW from BP Alternative Energy, Phase II Occupies 7 square miles of the county's northeast corner in Union and Gilboa Townships. EDF Renewable Energy is partnering with Indianapolis Power and Light Co. on a 102 MW wind energy generator facility. The prject covers the 7x8 mile center north section of Benton County; Center, Parish Grove, and Richland. amazon Web Services will be using the electricity produced by this facility.

Wind Farm Facts

The cost of a single turbine is just over $1.2 million per megawatt (MW)

Overhead utility lines pulled by helicopter cost approximately $1 million per mile.

The number of homes powered by 1 turbine:

The speed of a turbine's blades at their tips is approximately 120 mph at 14 rpm.

The heaviest component of a wind turbine is the nacelle with the blades. For example, the Clipper is 2.5 MW weighs 158,000 pounds.

A turbine's foundation consists of 377 yards of concrete (or 33 truckloads) and about 139 tons of rebar and mounting hardware, and are approximately 10' deep and 60' wide.

Community Benefits


The presence of new workers, both temporary during the wind farm development, as well as those remaining for maintence, has benefited the housing market, along with local businesses such as gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores. County residents enjoy the benefit of lower property taxes, and we now have a tourism center to accommodate wind tours (for information, contact or call 765-884-2080).


The Benton County Wind Farms have brought over 95 new jobs to the county.


The income from the wind farms has allowed the council and commissioners to work together in paying off the county's debts, while towns and townships have received money for projects developed within their communities.


The Benton Community School Corporation received a monetary gift from the Benton County Government on behalf of the Benton County Wind Farms.