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Retirement villageEstablished in 1879 to serve as an assisted living environment for the elderly in the area, the Benton County Retirement Village offers residents a private room, three meals each day, fresh linens, weekly laundry and housekeeping services. In addition residents are encouraged to remain active through small chores, yard work and gardening. Church services and entertainment are provided weekly. To be considered for admission to the Retirement Village, applicants must be ambulatory and capable of managing their personal hygiene and daily living activities with minimal assistance. Applications for admission are available from the Village’s Superintendent or the Benton County Auditor (located in the Benton County Courthouse).Happiness and security in self-worth are the mission of the Benton County Retirement Village. We do accept out of county residents.

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3639 E 200 S
Oxford, IN 47971

24 hours /7 day service


(765) 884-0589 

 (765) 884-2089


Carrie Smith, Administrator

Tonya Robinson, Administrative assistant 

The current cost of the residency at the Village is $41.00 per day. Assistance to Residents in County Homes Program (ARCH) and other financial assistance programs are available for those who may be unable to pay from private resources. The Village also offers “day-care” services at a nominal rate and temporary living arrangements when needed.




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