One Stop for all the permits needed in Benton County. Click on the title of the permit needed to view or print the application. Once application is completed, bring it in to the Benton County Health and Building Dept., located in Suite 12 at the courthouse.  

Do You Need A Permit?

Application for Amusement Entertainment Permit 

Application for Birth Certificate

Application for Commercial Building Permit and information  

Application for Death Certificate 

Application for Electrical Permit

Application for High Capacity Well

Application for Septic Permit

Notice for Special Exceptions 

Application for Special Exception

Application for Temporary Health Permit

Application for Yearly Health Permit

Benton County Development Protocol and Wind Protocol

Benton County Building Commission Residential Inspection Schedule

Building Permit Application 

Certificate of Assumed Business Name

Certificate of Live Birth Worksheet

Exception From Smoking Ban

Fee and Inspection Fee Rate Schedule

List of Building Contractors

List of Soil Science Consultants

Septic Contractors List

Water Test Kit Order Form  

Written Complaint Form

Zoning Code

List of Registered Surveyors