Our rich history is evident in the homes around Benton County. The average selling price of a home is $85,000.00. The median age of homes is 49yrs old, but 41% of our homes were built in 1939 or earlier.

Conact one of these Real Estate agencies for help in locating your dream home today!

Burton Farm & Home Realty LLC
Marci Burton
(765) 404-7048

Chad Burton
(765) 376-6717

Cackley Real Estate
Jamie Cackley, Owner/Broker
806 E 5th St
Fowler, In. 47944
(765) 426-7306

Guthridge Real Estate
205 E 5th St..
Fowler, In. 47944
(765) 884-0470
(800) 388-0530

New Beginnings Realty
47 S 600 E
Fowler, In. 47944

Debra Wettschurack (Broker/Owner)

Basil Parker (Broker)

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Other housing options:

Habitat For Humanity of Benton, Fountain, and Warren Counties
Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry seeking to eliminate poverty and to make decent housing a matter of conscience and action. Habitat invites people of all walks of life to work together in partnership to build houses with families in need. This Habitat affiliate is located in Indiana and serves a three-county area.

Contact: Sandy Tabert
Phone: (765) 385-2454
Address: PO Box 132; Pine Village, IN 47974
On-line: http://threecountyhabitat.blogspot.com/

Section 8 Rental Assistance
Designed to assist a family (one or more persons) with their rent on a monthly basis and to ensure the unit the family is going into is affordable, safe, and in sanitary condition.

Contact:Tina Houchens
Phone: (765) 793-4881
Address: 105 S Howard Street; Oxford, IN 47971
On-line: www.capwi.org/RentalAssistance.htm

Affordable Rental Properties
Offers rental properties in Benton, Fountain, Montgomery, Parke, Vermillion and Warren counties that are slightly lower than similar units in the area. The apartments/homes are not rental assisted or subsidized but because monies are received from different grants/funding sources, the properties have income guidelines that go by qualifying a person or family as a potential renter.

Contact: Donna Vanetta
Phone: (765) 793-4881
Address: 105 S Howard Street; Oxford, IN 47971
On-line: www.capwi.org/Rentals.htm