Wind Farms

Fowler Ridge Wind Farm

A joint effort of BP Alternative Energy and Dominion Resources, Fowler Ridge Wind Farm launched operations in late 2008. The three phase project covers a twelve mile stretch through the center of Benton County. Turbines are visible from Boswell, Fowler and Oxford.

In phases I and 3 a total of 222 turbines were built, equalling 402 MW. There are 182 Vestas V-82 1.65 megawatt models from Denmark and 40 Clipper C-96 2.5 megawatt models manufactured in Iowa. The Clipper blades are approximately 125 feet long.

In phase 2, 133 GE 1.5 MW turbines were built, equaling 199.5 MW.

Dominion Resources in Richmond Virginia has purchased 600 MW, and it will go to Appalachian Electric Company.

Future development is ongoing.