Community Organizations

Community Development

Benton Community Foundation (
(765) 884-8022
P.O. Box 351 (office located in Demeter Blg at 98 S. 100 E, Fowler)
Fowler, In. 47944 
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Benton County Economic Development Office (
(765) 884-2080
706 E 5th St.
Suite 11
Fowler, In. 47944
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Benton County Fair Association (visit them on Facebook)
Purdue Cooperative Extension Office, Benton County
(765) 884-0140

Benton Fountain Warren Adult Education 
(765) 764-1880
28 E 2nd St.
Williamsport, In. 47993 
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Boswell Community Center
(765) 869-5951
108 W Main St
Boswell, In. 47921 

Coalition for a Drug Free Benton County 
Audrey Freeland
765-884-0760 ext. 8105
Find the meeting schedule here.

Earl Park Fall Festival Foundation
(219) 474-5081
PO Box 123
Earl Park, IN 47942
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Fowler Community Center (formerly the Fowler Senior Center)
(765) 884-0527
218 E 5th St.
Fowler, In. 47944

Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette ("like" them on Facebook
420 S. 1st Street
Lafayette, In. 47905
(765) 423-4590

Purdue Cooperative Extension Service
(765) 884-0140
410 S Adeway
Fowler, In. 47944 
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Watch the Purdue Extension Local Government YouTube channel for videos on property tax featuring Larry DeBoer, Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University here

To read Larry DeBoers column, Capital Comments, or subscribe to his podcast, click here