Wind Farms

Benton County Wind Farm

Benton County Wind Farm is the first wind project in Indiana. Construction began in 2007 and the turbines were operational by late spring of 2008. The farm, developed by Orion Energy, covers an eleven square mile stretch in Richland and York Townships in Benton County.

The Benton County Wind Farm includes eighty-seven GE 1.5 megawatt turbines totaling 130.5 MW. They stand on a 240 foot tall column with 110 foot long blades. Total height, including generator, is 372 feet…12 feet longer than a football field! These blades rotate at a rate of 15 times per minute; this slower speed has reduced the number of related bird and bat deaths.

Electricity generated from the Benton County Wind Farm is transmitted to a substation in Kentland, located in neighboring Newton County. From there the energy is delivered to the Chicago market.

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