Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge at a Glance
Location Benton County, IN.
Project Owner Pattern Energy Group, Inc.
Power Purchaser Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Trubine Manufacturer Siemens Energy
Turbine Model SWT-2.3-108
Number of Turbines 65
Project Capacity 150 MW
Energy Equivalent Approx. 46,000 homes
Commercial Operation January 2016
Construction Workers Average 175, peak 300
Permanent Workers Up to 15

Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge is a 150 MW wind power facility in Benton County. Pattern Development acquired the project in 2013, completed development activites in early 2015, and finished constructing the facility in January 2016. Upon reaching commercial operations, the facility was purchased by Pattern Energy Group Inc. (Pattern Energy). Extensive environmental studies were performed for the project area, and no significant impacts or issues were found. The project supplies electricity for Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) datacenter through a 13-year power purchase agreement.

Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge generates electricty equal to the needs of about 46,000 homes each year. Compared to coal-fired generation, the facility conserves enough water to meet the annual needs of 8,000 people and avoids carbon dioxide equal to taking 110,000 cars off the roads each year. The facility adds an estimated $40 millions over the 25 years to the regional economy through property taxes, landowner royalites, and support for local causes.

Harvesting the Wind for Indiana
Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge utilizes 65 American-made energy turbines. The blades for these turbines were manufactured at the Siemens factory in Ft. Madison, Iowa and the nacelles were built at the Siemens factory in Hutchinson, Kansas. The turbine towers were fabricated in Wisconsin by Broadwind and in Michigan by Ventower.

How Wind Generates Electricity
Wind can be harnessed to transform kinetic energy into electrical energy. Wind turbines do this with blades mounted on towers, which are turned by the wind, causing them to turn a shaft that is attached ot a generator. This creates an electrical current that is carried by cables to the power grid, which transmits electricty to the electric grid that connects to your home.




Commitment to Community and Environment

Pattern Energy places great importance on being active members of the communities where we operate projects. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with community members to ensure we move forward in a direction that provides significant local benefits. We are dedicated to building relationships with our landowners, communities, business partners, and customers. We also have a strong commitment to promoting environmental stewardship, which drives our devotion to operate quality renewable energy facilites.

These values are supported by a culture that fosters innovative and critical thinking, collaborative problem-solving, and a deep belief in living up to our promises. Pattern Energy will continue using our in-depth industry experience, combined with innovation and science, to deliver the utmost value for our partners and the communities where we work.

**all information provided by Pattern Energy